Death Penalty in Ohio

The protocol for executing prisoners in Ohio now mandates that the state use hydromorphone and midazolam, because pentobarbital / sodium thiopental, and pancuronium bromide are in short supply.

So, we have the interesting situation whereby lethal injection is carried out using drugs with known antidotes / antagonist agents.

naloxone reverses hydromorphone, and flumazenil reverses midazolam.

Can a condemned man be prescribed protective medicines to be taken immediately prior to an execution attempt?

I think it would be possible to protect an inmate against the effects of the Ohio execution protocol, for approx 1-4 hours, if they were given a shot of naloxone and flumazenil ~30 minutes before midnight.


Pretty nifty loophole, but if they change the drugs because they’re getting expensive, they’ll change them if victims are being given antidotes.

Get an agent right now and secure the movie rights. This is brilliant.

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