Deep Down the rabbit hole of games industry sexism



Misandry alert: "you feel that gaming is the one thing remaining to men and girls ", the correct term for an adult female is woman, not a girl. When can we grow up and call ourselves what we are?


I think that you’ve mis-parsed the sentence, certainly a comma after the ‘men’ would have helped. Not sure how it’s misandrist to describe women as ‘girls’, though - I’d have thought that it’s belittling of women, rather than undermining wang-folk.


So this would be the Ice Station Zebra of video games then. Does it at least have Rock Hudson in it?


It’s Capcom. This is par for the course.

That’s a pretty good rant. The sort of read that should be printed out and put on the desk of every producer in the game industry for them to read when they get to work in the morning.

If asking nicely doesn’t trigger a necessary change, asking rudely is totally justified.


Anyone else find it hard to worry about shit like this? I mean I am not a muscle-bound, jock-headed space-marine-ultra-barbarian, but I have no problem placing myself in the guise of one during a game of Gears of War. I’m not an outrageously breasted, sassy archaeologist, but I feel happy playing Tomb Raider. Heck, I’m not a 4*1 block of falling stuff, but I can play Tetris just fine!
Surely the whole point of playing games like this is to in some way take on another identity and play through someone else’s story vicariously.
I’m reminded of the point in Big Bang Theory where Sheldon plays Second Life and his avatar is exactly the same as himself.


And here am I, a straight bloke, who pretty much always makes his characters female. Will be giving this one a miss.
Well, I was going to give it a miss anyhow, since I don’t have one of those newfangled PS4 doohickies, but this sure doesn’t make me think I want one.


Because it’s stupid for games that have customization and advertise it as a feature to not provide options for everyone.


I believe you misunderstood the whole point of the sentence, which was mimicking a misogynist who believed that games are for men, and that “girls” should shut up.


For everyone? This post is not about everyone. This is CIS flavored post.

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Shows what you know

I suppose in a sense I understand that, but then you get the question of where do you draw the line? As proven by Facebook’s recent gender option change, as an example, there are simply too many variables to cater for everyone, and regardless of where your cut off point is, anyone out side of that could feel marginalised.

I guess my point is, I just find it difficult to be THAT upset about his kind of thing.


Maybe there should be an open source avatar system outside of the games, so you can control your character completely yourself, and the game manufacturers just provide an interface to plug 'em in.

Not sure how that would work with scripted single player games, but you should be able to do it with MMOs, I’d think.


While I do think there should be more female protagonists in video games (and female protagonists that are not dressed in essentially ribbons and belts to maximize butts and breasts), I think the rant is equivalent to yelling into the void.

At some point, creators assign gender or sex to their characters. Video games have a unique situation where they often allow for customization, and some games let you select a gender, which involves a different voice (if voiced, which almost all games are now).

However, often storylines are written from a gendered perspective. If you’re playing a female character, should you be threatened with rape by the villains, for example?

Dark Souls works in either gender because there’s not much of a story, and there’s no gameplay difference. You can choose different grunts. A game that is story-focused, though? I can easily see where stories follow some gendered perspective.

Ideally, video games would offer unique perspectives and stories depending on the gender of your character, when you make a difference. Some games do this already, where your character is propositioned by NPCs, but in general it’s very “light.” I’d welcome a significant change, although I’d be curious whether this would still fall under claims of misogyny. If the story changes to reflect the POV of a female character, does that send a message that “women can’t do what men do?”

I see myself as a feminist, but part of that is recognizing that there are differences in gender.


Well, since you mentioned Second Life, try following that model. The game lets you create literally any body of any gender you can imagine.

Obviously most of it is pubescent boys making illogically proportioned girls, but that’s not the point. The point is the option is there and has a proof of concept.

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Without knowing what the plot is I don’t think I can condemn Deep Down yet. I mean, Dishonored doesn’t allow you to be a woman, and while for the most part it doesn’t make sense as to why this would be, there does turn out to be an endgame plot point that would simply not be possible with a female character. Yes, they could have rejiggered things to have a separate female character ending, but it would have completely undermined the narrative and female characters would not be playing the same story as a male character.

There are good story reasons to have characters of one sex or another. The problem is not that specific game A doesn’t allow female characters. The real issue is that there are overall not enough games with good female characters (player or NPC)


And second life has no plot and no story related scripted sequences and no voice recordings and a vast number of people continuously creating content to cater for wildly differing body types. When all that stuff has to be nailed down WAY before release, there has to be a cut off point.

Okay, who seriously plays a Capcom game for its story? Yeah, stop laughing.

I’ll stick with the whole Demon’s Souls franchise. Thanks.