Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Ms. Male Character




Schools buy into the Ms. Male trope nearly universally with team mascots. It’s incredibly insulting. My daughter’s school has two basketball teams, the Grizzlies and the Lady Grizzlies. My university had the Buffaloes and the Lady Buffaloes. And so on. The implication is that there’s a “real” team and an “almost as good” team.


Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter-funded, misogynist-enraging

Holy shit are you not kidding about that, it makes me think that what’s she’s doing might actually be important.

You know, a good friend of mine once asked me why race-supremacists always turn out to be such horrible specimens of their own preferred group. I now have to extend that question to misogynists and male-supremacists.


Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter-funded, misogynist-enraging

So, about that sci-fi pinup calendar…


The Adult Swim game Giant Boulder of Death takes the trope to ridiculous extremes by gendering a pink boulder with a giant pink bow before she’s stuffed in the refrigerator to motivate the blue boulder to seek revenge.

Knowing how Adult Swim games are, I’m guessing it’s intentional.


It’s not the perfume that you wear.
It’s not the ribbons in your hair.


Could the Lady Grizzlies beat the Grizzlies in a game?


There’s a small town near where I live whose high school mascot is the Rooster. So the boys teams are all called the Roosters. Lady Roosters would have been bad, and they didn’t do that. What they did do was, in my opinion, even worse. The girls teams are all called the Chicks. So the boys are grown ups, and the girls are babies.


Would “stereotypical design elements” include face powder, red lipstick, and earrings big enough to stick your arm through?


Your point? Is it about her gender identity or style choices?


You attack her argument by attacking the way she dresses? Smooooooooth.


Good episode, probably my favourite yet. Yeah, EA/Bioware, did try to add more advertising featuring Femshep, but it was really only for the online audience and not the mainstream. And who can forget the blow-up over their first designs for “official” advertisment Femshep for ME 3, which were rather very feminine compared to the actual look options in the game.


Several of the negative stereotypes she lists describes her appearance in the video, which I’m assuming is what ackpht was getting to (though ackpht forgot “ponytail”) as, well, I watched it once and don’t remember if she said “heteronormative” but she certainly brought up gender binaries at that point in the video. She does go on to point out that they are not necessarily negative.

I’m more curious how the FemShep fan community is going to react to her negative comments about Mass Effect, including being negative about “FemShep”


I’m not sure I follow. Care to elaborate?


She doesn’t say that bows or lipstick are negative. She says that using those aspects as exclusive methods of differentiating solo female characters from largely male casts reduces those characters to stereotypes. She never says, “Don’t let female characters wear bows.” She’s saying that developers need to make female characters MORE than just bows.


That was the only part I thought was a little unfair - I always see “Femshep” contrasted with “Broshep”, instead of just “Shep” or “Shepard”, so I’m not sure it fits the trope. She’s spot on about the marketing, though.


I always thought the team name for the Wellington (New Zealand) regional rugby team was quite good.

The men are the Lions - the women’s team is called the Pride.

But of course, it yet again only works as a fem-version of the men’s team.

For contrast, the women’s national team is called the Black Ferns - acknowledging the (world champion and soon to be only professional team to have had a perfect season) mens team, the All Blacks, and referencing a kiwi icon in the Silver Fern (which is itself the name of our national women’s Netball team, but which is actually a reference to a local fern, the koru).


I should mention the reference to All Blacks isn’t because they’re the male counterparts, but because they are by far the most successful sporting team in the country, and as such are such a key part of our national identity that seemingly every single national team except the Silver Ferns feels a need to reference them (hockey = black sticks, basketball = tall blacks, Surf Life Saving = black fins, football = all whites (oooh see what they did there?), softball = black sox, )

Yup, it sure gets tedious after a while.

(ok to be fair, cricket and rugby league don’t reference the All Blacks)


Well, they couldn’t call them the Chickens, now could they. How about the Hens?


Problem is, in the cock’s family, only the rooster is cool.