Strategic butt-coverings in video-games


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" butt-coverings"

I snickered, my apologies.


I look forward to meeting our new #NotAllButts visitors.



gonna need lots of popcorn before this thread is over…


Actually, it’s about ethics in butt-ogling.


And here I thought this was going to be about late stage capitalism again.


Just wait until she stumbles across a comic book, errr I mean graphic novel!


I’m glad that she’s revamped the series to feature shorter videos on smaller topics. The earlier long videos were masterpieces, but they were taking her forever to put together and were something of a chore to watch because they were so long.

Also, good to know (from the kickstarter update) that she’s scaling back in order to get the rest of the project out the door without harming her health or burning out. She’s a national treasure and I want her to continue her education and activism for a long time to come.


Yes, butt-coverings…

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How nice, Comments disabled for this video.



Yes, Anita Sarkeesian, of all the people in the world, should embrace open YouTube comments. What could possibly go wrong?


In Mass Effect 3, their artists perfected being able to maintain eye contact with someone (female) you’re talking to, while still having their ass in your face.

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:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

this just in: sex sells.


If you have an urgent need to release a rebuttal, feel free to drop it here. We wouldn’t want you to feel all commentstipated.



:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

You must be new to the internet…


Common ways men’s butts are hidden are by preventing the player from seeing below the character’s waistline, or employing a more over-the-shoulder camera angle, which has the added benefit of keeping the character’s butt safely out of the frame. The most amusing solution is to simply include a cape, tunic, long coat or very conveniently positioned piece of tattered fabric which actively prevents the player from getting a clear or sustained look at the protagonist’s butt.

Given that most men in modern Western society wear capes or long cloaks, I find that critique somewhat disingenuous.


Isn’t that kind of daft, since everybody has some degree of sexuality anyway? It seems like a desperate thing to commoditise. Why not pay to watch somebody else brush their teeth? Or - even help them to do it. Phwoar! Would you pay $20 to brush somebody’s teeth for them?

How powerful that would make you! How kewl! Your friends would be so impressed it would jack up your ego for the rest of the year! Just think about it! Hell, I can’t stop myself from thinking about it. BRB