Deep Forger is an art bot inspired by famous painters

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Disappointed. Was hoping it was an actual robot that painted.


What I want to see is what happens if you feed this back through “deep dreaming.”


The idea is pretty cool, and it even got me to sign up for twitter to try it out. It would be nicer if it was a tool you could use on your own time instead of sending in a picture attachment and waiting a day to see what the result is when they send it back to you.

Well, admittedly, that house picture looks the best. The rest of them on the twitter page look like bad photoshop filter jobs. That could be because the subjects are people and it just doesn’t work as well because the illusion is lost - we see the lines of the face as the photo showed them rather than as the artist interpreted them, whereas the straight lines of the house don’t require as much variation.

O god, am I critiquing robot art?

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Isn’t it, though?

What is your definition of “robot”?

This, I found particularly impressive:


A golem.

So if we sent it Bob Ross videos or pictures, would Twitch air the results? And would deepForger somehow access the sound hardware on the machine running it to mutter “happy little tree” while painting?

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That is pretty awesome.

"What I want to see is what happens if you feed this back through “deep dreaming.”

“Pain,” said the Bene Gesserit crone. “Now. Put your hand in the box.”


I know I’m several month behind the zeitgeist on all this but I wanted to see how far deep dreaming could take an image and after 31 dreams I went from this

to this.

I even made a quick video.


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