Deep Sadness


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it’s not exactly generating anything, the shapes are looping - i clicked it a lot - the sounds are cool when you click click click

now do a happy one of these, you people that made this - we’ve had enough of sad



needs more sad trombone


Has a sort of 8-Bit Phantom of the Opera feel to it IMHO


ooh! - that’s lovely - now, scratch right there… up… left… down a bit… aaaaaahhh


Well waddya know, that does annoy my pet!


For some reason, this doesn’t seem quite right…


Those sounds are not sad, they are rage-inducing. I almost damaged my computer before I found that red X.


I saw the same thing!

iPad Mini, Safari


Someone should give this thing some Asskicker Coffee.


Probably worth mentioning that the artist is Rafael Rosendal, and he’s made many similarly simple, engaging little netart pieces like this one:

His page has been making the blog rounds lately.


It kind of sounds like the brief warble at the beginning of an old VHS tape, which is actually a kind of sound I’ve always found deeply haunting. I wonder if there’s a name for it.


Keep tapping or clicking and it’s like the soundtrack to an old science fiction B movie. :robot:


mine too. major ear rotation leading to an ears back annoyance.


I was thinking '60s Soviet animated art film.




Source code with <> replaced by []:
at 3 a.m. in 19 [span id=“A0”]⟁U[/span] or so

From w3schools: A element used to color a part of a text. That id number…it must be in the CSS sheet. Interesting.


I also examined the source on this. I pretty much had to.

There’s a javascript function on the page that concatenates a random triangle-looking shape with a random alphanumeric. This function is called every 50ms.


Click just a liiiiittle bit faster and it re-routes you to a subdomain: