Deep Sea Animals improved with the addition of Googly Eyes


I was skeptical at first, because I happen to think most deep-sea creatures look quite amazing without any enhancements, but the picture of Beebe and Barton sold me.

Interesting side note: a book about Beebe and Barton called Descent opens with the author finding their original Bathysphere rusting under a ride at Coney Island. Fortunately he helped move it to a museum, where it belongs.


I have googly eyes on my two roombas and pool vacuum. Oh, and fake mustaches. It has improved all of their efficiencies immensely.

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My Roomba will thank you for this. I think my avatar may benefit as well.


The googly-eyed isopod definitely looks much less likely to be plotting to enslave the human race…


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It’s Beebe’s (or is it Barton’s?) shrimp-like antennae which make that photo for me.

I’m beginning to think that nearly everything could be improved with the addition of Googly Eyes.
Imagine HRH enhanced thus on a bank note! Consider my mind boggled.

I have put googly eyes on many things, and the only one that didn’t find it amusing was my dog. So I took them off of her.

As it is said, when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.


Heck, half the things that live down there either seem to have no obvious eyes, or already have giant googly eyes (which combined with frightening fangs and expanding jaws are the stuffs of nightmares…)

Wil Wheaton’s wife Anne (or Wil himself, I can’t recall) coined a term for putting googly eyes on things in this manner: Vandaleyes

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