Defcon Voting Village report shows that hacking voting machines takes less time than voting


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By design. If they made it easy to vote, we would vote. Then where would they be?



so we’re all just bracing for the dictatorship right…gnashing and all that.

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I guess that, if the machines are left vulnerable and the current administration loses, they can declare the election null and void. If they win, then…



That’s actually the reason why I do it, if it wasn’t for being able to cast my thousand or so votes by hacking I probably wouldn’t have the time to do my patriot duty to vote in the U.S elections of my choose, tovarisch.

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Maybe we should be telling kids to “Hack the Vote”?



OK, QNX was developed long before the Blackberry phone and the company that made QNX was bought by blackberry. As far as I can find, no Blackberry device ever ran it, but some of the proprietary back end server Blackberry did as an alternative to 'BSD/Linux. You’d prefer maybe windows XP?

Yeah, 4.2 IS kind of old… But the fact of the matter is that 7.0 is the SDK, not RTOS (6.5, but still…)

I’m well familiar with Iomega zip drives/disks. Yeah, USB is more modern, but we’ve also seen system killer USB devices. I think I prefer the zip disks if you please and they give a nice safe air gap.



I remember zip drives. Every one I had just stopped working after a while. (oh, that delightful clunk of doom) But it was still better than carrying around a whole box of floppies.

I guess it could be security by obscure media, but we’re talking about a tech that was discontinued 15 years ago. Next I expect to hear they use palm pilots for the management console.




Its almost like they want to be able to change the vote?
How long do we tolerate this shit ?



Paper verification printed on receipt paper? That stuff fades within a year!



Maybe mid-90s? QNX has been around a long time, and was very solid, but with all the major universal bugs found over the last couple decades, connecting it to anything would be foolhardy.


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