Report from Defcon's Voting Village reveals ongoing dismal state of US electronic voting machines

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This is one of about a dozen issues that make reasonable people say, “Why isn’t anyone doing something about this? WTF?” It’s exhausting.


I will never understand this preoccupation with digital voting. It’s ridiculous. It can never be made secure. Here in scandinavia everything is online. I do my taxes on my phone. Any government communication of any kind is digital. You can’t even buy a ticket for the bus without the app. It’s future forward everything. Everywhere I travel is less advanced, including the US. Paying toll money with cash when driving on the toll road. How 1980 is that?! Cash money! What a laugh! Haven’t used that here since the early 90’s. When I drive on the toll road here a machine takes my picture, send me a bill. A digital bill, appearing in my digital bank account. Sure it was slow for a while, paying with cards in bars and pressing pin codes. But now it’s all contactless wireless. Just bleep it. Click ok. It being pretty much anything you want these days.

But when I go to vote I have to use a pen on a piece of paper, that will be scanned by a machine if my x is nice and clean, and scanned by a human if it isn’t. Because it would take tremendous effort to hack that. And the votes can be counted as many times as you like by any number of different peoples and scanning machines.

Digital voting is joke. A cruel joke. But still a joke.
It’s as backwards as cash money.


Bug – or feature for our democracy hating elected officials?

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