Defeat UK's Great Firewall of Cameron with Immunicity


This shows how utterly ridiculous The Great Firewall of Blighty actually is.

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Is this not just a change from making these sites opt in, rather than opt out?

Interesting that BitDefender blocks the Immunicity how it works page as containing malware.

They knew in Ancient Rome that all you needed to keep the people happy were bread and circuses. Dave old boy you are removing acts from the circus and the people and kids are getting hungry…

Bookmarked for future study, but serious question - how do we know who is actually behind this? Dvorak jokes that Facebook is run by the CIA, but would that be SO strange?

Edit: Been toying with this at home and on Virgin Media it seems to do squat. Can’t connect to or tpb so I’m assuming it won’t do anything once the “porn block” goes up.

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