Defunct blogging platforms.

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Maybe sometimes things just have to go away and we have to let them go.


I have saved html files (with a folder of all the resulting cruft of gifs, jpegs and scripts) over a decade ago and they don’t run anymore because they depended upon some (for the sake of argument) angular js resource that no longer resolves, so the pages don’t even come up properly.

/angular may not have been around for some of the pages, but given that it’s dead, it’s a decent semi-accurate detail.


I’ll be honest I kind of miss LiveJournal some days. I had some good communities there. (Same can be said of Usenet, for that matter.) Yes, I know they’re both technically still around, but they’re not worth visiting anymore.


Before the WWW we used to do all kinds of fun stuff on CompuServe and forums like CIX (Computer Information eXchange.) All long gone.

While I’ve got some paper books inherited from great-grandparents, published in the 1860s.


somehow images never seem to die… though
as we are lead to believe

Makes you wonder why nobody thought to print out those things at the time, or at least make screen captures.

I have to believe that there still exist archives, possibly on tape, of those services. If only somebody had the will, persistence, and means to obtain and extract those files.

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