Yahoo in talks to ruin imgur




So the headline would read, “Yahoo Digg’s Reddit”?


Oh no. I would really hate to see this happen. I enjoy Imgur (more than I’d like to admit!)!!


Why is Yahoo still a thing? How are they making money? I must be out of the loop, I see Yahoo as a competitor to Google that lost the fight in the 90’s. Clearly they were also arms dealers / drug traffickers on the side or something.


I see them as a news digester that gets a lot of comment posts from right-wing cranks and racists.

If they kill, hopefully some equivalent simple hoster will pop up.


Always money in that. Makes sense.


Tumblr ruined itself before Yahoo stepped in. Yahoo just made it official.


Something highly annoying about Tumblr is how images usually have no description and no credits, so good luck finding the source, scrolling down an endless list of “X likes this”, “Y reposted this from Z”.


Yahoo is still a thing for the same reason that AOL still is: for a lot of people, it is the internet, because they don’t know any better. Yahoo is the default home page for anyone who has AT&T as their ISP; lots of people still use their email addresses, even though Gmail is better for a number of reasons; and they used their money to buy a lot of better companies, even though they did indeed ruin some of those. (Or they were simply overvalued at their acquisition; I’m not sure that Geocities was ever worth $4.5B.)


AOL is still a thing too? Fark.


All my friends on MySpace use Yahoo!


I use Yahoo’s news site but that’s about it. The comments on articles are about as low quality as of those on YouTube so I pretty much ignore them.

With the way they’ve been spending money lately to buy up what seems like a random assortment of startups, I’m thinking about making a startup with the one and only purpose of being pretty enough to attract Yahoo’s acquisition attention. I’d happily be the counter case study to that of Groupon.


Yep, my old uncle still uses his on DIAL UP when he can get broadband. [sighs]


People still use MySpace?


My thoughts exactly. They’ve been running on debt for twenty years. How do they still have cash?


Good God. The shadowy netherworld of antiquated technology that supports massive antiquated companies.


We will never know. :confused:


Tumblr’s comments section is the most worthless thing ever designed by man. If you want to find the origin of an image, just paste it into Google and do a reverse image search.


That’s how I meant to say it, but took the meek, neutral route instead.

If you want to find the origin of an image, just paste it into Google and do a reverse image search.

I figured that one out a while back, but you know what happens, most of the Google Image finds come from… Tumblr!


Source? I just did a quick Google and in the first quarter of this year they posted an 8% increase in profit, and a 2% increase in revenue.

They sell a LOT of advertising, I’d be surprised if they had any debt issues.