WSJ: Daily Mail aims to buy Yahoo

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Can’t say that’s going to encourage me to go to the Daily Mail.

Yahoo employees consider their own site a crap homepage for the Midwest.


Well then. That’s… something.

I actually use yahoo regularly, it’s where i first set up my very first email and i’ve stuck with it out of convenience. It works so i’ve had no desire to make the move to gmail, and this might push me to finally go ahead and do so as much as it’d pain me to do it. I also don’t mind checking out the yahoo front page for news, it’s not my sole source of news but it is part of my daily routine. If the deal goes through i’ll have to find something else, not a big issue but again… kind of a pain.

I understand that Yahoo hasn’t made the best decisions but selling out to Daily Mail? I shudder at the thought.


My Yahoo email is my spam catcher; I use it for mailing lists, order confirmations, and anything else I need to enter an email address for that isn’t very important. The spam filter is really good (except for a tendency to put legit stuff in the spam folder if I delete similar messages without reading them too many times–like, if that were spam, I would tell you so, Yahoo!). However, some changes they’ve made over the past year or so have made it not quite work right all the time, which would really annoy me if it were my primary email account.

Not a big fan of what they did to the front page, either. There’s not even a link to My Yahoo! anymore; I guess I’m the only one who still uses it? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Grey_Devil, Gmail is good; try it out!


(: I do use gmail, it’s just not one I use often. I’ll most likely make a new one so I have a less embarrassing email to hand out lol


will they now go aka boston picture edition in comic sands

I don’t think the Daily Mail wants tumblr.


Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m certain that Tumblr doesn’t want the Daily Mail…


This is another one of those situations where I ask “wait, can’t both sides lose?”


Great. The result would be a search engine specialising in “this weeks’s foods that cause / cure cancer”.


I think the Daily Mail would really like to get Grindr; it would be a constant source of “news” for their gutter rag.

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“this weeks’s foods that cause / cure cancer, that immigrants are taking from you”.


They deserve each other.

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Well, the other option churning the rumor mill is Verizon, so I’m starting to get a “Whoever wins, we lose.” vibe on all this.


I use ad blocker so I don’t really care.

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Too bad it isn’t the Sun. Then we could make it so every 6th result on an image search is a swimsuit clad babe/dude.

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I suppose the servers are worth something. The desks and chairs would be too, but do they still have employees?


Tumblr is a moron

Somehow this could be a thing of karmic beauty!

Meanwhile Yahoo Japan will continue separately and profitably

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