Yahoo mail changes anger Yahoo mail users


I’m sure they’ll both get used to it eventually.


Yahoo offers email?

Yep, it’s pretty terrible, all right. The new Metro-inspired look for My Yahoo is even more baffling. (And why the holy heckies is it displaying B.C. comic strips by default!?)

Here’s a tip: for whatever reason, the new mail user interface does not appear in Internet Explorer 8. If you change your browser’s User Agent string so that Yahoo thinks you’re using IE8, you can still get the old, less-broken interface! At least for now.

Caveat 1: this doesn’t work if you change your “Mail version” from “Full featured” to “Basic” before changing your User Agent string.

Caveat 2: If you use UAControl in Firefox to uniquely specify a User Agent string just for and, some features (namely the checkboxes in the mail list) won’t appear, but everything else seems to work okay.

A website made a major change, and users complained? How can this be?


To be fair, if I used a service as terrible as Yahoo for my email, I’d be angry too. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use it for my dump email. Anywhere I have to provide one and don’t want to goes to an ancient Yahoo account I’ve had since probably 2003.


Meh, my parents have a yahoo account simply because I wanted them to use webmail and I have a yahoo account so I could see what changes and how to fix them if need be. Honestly besides some themes, moving buttons around, and adding the option for conversation view I don’t see how it changed that much.

And frankly I would have put them on gmail if it wasn’t for the fact that google loves conversation view, which I find to be completely unreadable. (Although my primary email is google, I use it through Thunderbird.)

But my Hotmail account is still the same, right?


Yeah, the interface changes are kind of weird and awkward. The message threading doesn’t seem to work quite right for me. (My yahoo is for online shopping and anything I register for that I don’t plan on using on a regular basis. Keeps my real email almost completely spam free and less cluttered.)

I do the same thing. Sadly, it works 100% of the time.

It’s not just the way it looks, the whole service has lost significant functionality. Every new session, my initial message won’t actually send. No receipt appears in the sent folder, and there’s no demarcation in the inbox. Sometimes it sends several hours later, and sometimes not at all.

I can’t even access the Sent folder, or any of the other main folders, without refreshing the page. Customized folders are only accessible through a pull out menu that stalls, then lays on top of the other text, rendering it extremely difficult to navigate and and even read. They did away with the newer and extremely useful tabs, so now you can’t reference multiple messages or drafts simultaneously. The folders no longer tell you how many messages they have without hovering the mouse and waiting. The entire site now runs physically slower, and feels relatively slower due to the counter intuitive interface. All of these problems are happening for me across multiple browsers.

The only new features that are improvements for me are the infinite scrolling and the ability to delete/mark/sort messages from the preview instead of having to select the message first, then choose an action from the main toolbar.

I’m an assistant editor for a fiction magazine, and have been using Yahoo for my work for several years. I keep having to add apologies for duplicate, late, or lost replies to submissions now. It would be no big deal to switch to another service, except I have 200+ new emails to deal with, as well as an archive of nearly 20,000 stories that is often necessary to reference.

B.C. is first, alphabetically.

I think you can change that in Settings to “conversation view off”.

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They added that “feature” sometime in the last couple of years. Their Yahoo account is almost 7 years old at this point.

I still have my Yahoo mail sign-up email from 1998. Is that normal, using the same email address for fifteen years?

Think I stuck with Yahoo because it always just worked for me, not flashy and irritating like Gmail. Times change…

Gee, I didn’t think of that. Something called “9 Chickweed Lane” comes first in the drop-down list, but nonetheless whatever script sets up the defaults must be skipping to the first entry that starts with a letter. (The alternative, that the selection of B.C. is the result of independent agency, is inconceivable.)

I also got an account there 10+ years ago, and, kind of got stuck with it.

It’s fairly grating how they’re “updating” it and all they really do is inconvenience their users.

Reminds me of how unimaginative car manufacturers tweak features for the sake of novelty, not utility.

People use advertising-supported services, then complain about the way they’re being run for the benefit of the advertisers… I’m shocked, shocked, I tell you. (About .003 microamps worth of shock, perhaps.)

Wow. Nearly 500 members in the Facebook group called “Yahoo’s New Mail Fail”. Yahoo! is really gonna feel this one.