If you bail on Yahoo Mail, forget about having your email forwarded

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Yahoo disabled forwarding, but other services (like gmail) can still pull email from your yahoo account using POP.


good show–Yahoo can certainly fix this if they want to, so keep the pressure on!

We may laugh, but sending a message on to a different address is something that is in dire need of additional features and development time! Just think of all the bells and whistles that can be tacked onto that seemingly simple task! And, of course, the only way to do such development is by completely disabling the previously working function…


I got a Yahoo email account many years ago, to use as a junk address for spammy vendor sign-ins. Looks like I chose wisely.


“I got a Yahoo email account many years ago, to use as a junk address for spammy vendor sign-ins. Looks like I chose wisely.” ~ Everyone on the internet ever


This is a big problem if Yahoo is your primary address.

I only use mine to communicate with one company, who stubbornly refuse to whitelist my main address. I still need them, so Yahoo here we come. But I log in about once a year.

Oh no, I won’t be able to get letters from my Nigerian Prince and all the hot single women in my area anymore.


To be fair, it is possible that the solution they had in is not able to handle the volume of requests they are getting following all the privacy revelations and they are refactoring/re-platforming to handle that volume.


Then they should say that, publicly.

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Once I heard that they were going to be bought by Verizon, I made sure that there’s nothing important going to my yahoo email. The NSA can mine all my unsolicited Russian mail-order bride and scammer spam they want.

Kind of sad to see an early internet company self-destruct. I remember vividly how yahoo was one of the first websites I would frequent.

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I don’t forward anything from Yahoo anymore. My wife does though, hope this doesn’t break that.

Can’t say I’d want anything that passed through Yahoo to spread cooties to my real email account

This is a free email service, right? So Y!Mail users don’t have the ability to ask for refunds on their service since it isn’t paid for in the first place, right? And I’m still getting static from people who mock me for paying a local ISP for email hosting.

“If you’re not paying for it…”

Yahoo mail actually isn’t near as bad as everyone who doesn’t use it thinks. But the writing is on the wall and I think it’s getting time for me to start transitioning to gmail after more than 2 decades with the same yahoo address. IMAP pulls seem like the way to go unless they disable that again.

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Hoist by my own petard: I just now realized the only way to login to my old Flickr account is via the Yahoo address I deleted last week. I was able to somehow get into it because my browser thought I was still logged into that email and downloaded the few things I had on there that weren’t saved elsewhere.

I should download all my dad’s stuff as well. Not sure what Yahoo does with the Flickr accounts of people who are deceased. But it’s been 3 years and it’s all still there, so maybe it’s safe for now.

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The Cloud is quite trustworthy, until you need it. Then it’s worse than a dead disk drive.


Pacbell used to use Yahoo to provide email to their customers. I seem to recall at least one other ISP that I had that also used them, so those were “paid” accounts. I had a Nokia “ovi” email account that was a Yahoo account, but that more or less fell into the free category.

My old Sprint account got added into the Yahoo universe without becoming an @yahoo address, went through several company buy-outs, mergers, what have you, and finally ended up being part of AT&T which I am no longer with but the account was grandfathered in as having to be maintained by them anyway for as long as I want to keep it. So is it a Yahoo account, or not?

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