After ratting out users to China, Yahoo created (and then blew) a $17m "dissidents' fund"

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2 Likes is still in business?


The more i hear the more I’m glad I went throughthe deletion process for my account even though I basically never used it since swapping to Gmail.


Yep, and a couple companies took an Oath to keep them around.


Good thing you did delete yr account. Just having an account leaves you wide open for fuckery via Yahell. This is just a reminder to anyone who may still have inactive Yahoo accounts.

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With the massive account hacking that Yahoo suffered a few months ago, inactive accounts are either pwned or compromised. Change the password or delete.

Around the time my inactive yahoo account was probably being rummaged (no old emails there), two similarly named accounts on hotmail and gmail had attempts to set them as the recovery address for gmail accounts. (Denied!) I’m not sure how that would benefit them, but email services are opening too many paths to getting in without the password these days. I’m sure there’s a way to finesse it.

Punchline: The account trying to set my gmail account as its recovery address was on Moscow time.


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