At least 500 million Yahoo accounts hacked in 2014, "state-sponsored actor" blamed


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Wait, Yahoo is still a company?
I think that’s the real story here.


Here’s an idea: Don’t put your date of birth on every damn website. Any 12-year-old knows this. Lie. DOB is one of those key data like name and SSN. Lie.


My God! Next they’ll hack AOL!


Thank FSM I don’t use Yahoo that much!!


If you mean Russians just say Russians.


Hey, let’s not be Russian to judgement.


No, first MySpace, then AOL


I hope my Geocities page is okay.


So this happened in 2014 and they just told me last week? - also, you guys are really funny - myspace, Geocities, AOL - hahaha


seems to be fine


Same for my Angelfire page


Sure am glad I didn’t put in a phone number for “enhanced account security” any of the last 10,000 times they bugged me to.



Great, now I’m going to have to iterate my email address to


Damn it. My spam accounts.


I know everyone is Russian in here but, I really feel like you’re Stalin to me.


I used to have the email
That was back when you could have one account with multiple emails…so like 98? Hey I was a teenager what can I say.


State-Sponsered Actor is the new boogeyman. Anybody get’s hacked, all they have to do is play that card. Really, it’s code for “the attacker was more sophisticated than we budgeted for”.


government plays are the worst…