Yahoo mail changes anger Yahoo mail users

You might be able to use an alternate email program to access your mail: macmail, outlook express, thunderbird, … do a search for “imap settings for yahoo mail”… you could probably even setup gmail to read your yahoo mail if you wanted.

Maybe because if you are mad at something Yahoo did, you would say so on Yahoo’s site?

This made me sadder than the redesign, sent back in Aug…
"Dear Pat,

Yahoo!7 wants to make sure your address book is filled with the most current and valid emails to those family, friends and contacts you need to reach. We noticed that you had emails in your address book that are no longer valid, so we have removed them.

Email addresses that have been removed:

Only retired emails have been removed. All other contact information remains.

Did you know you can import more contacts from Facebook or Gmail in two easy steps?"

It begins with a big picture of a girl at a beach bonfire apparently happy Yahoo edited her personal address book for her.

WTF? Why are you cross referencing my address book with your users Yahoo? Let alone deleting entries without my permission?

The biggest blow was that I never used Yahoo mail, however the address book was populated from my Yahoo IM friends list and when I checked the chat client; 14 years of saved conversation history with friends now lost or passed was gone.

I wouldn’t have minded if their first email had been “Hey all these old contacts are taking up too much space, we’re cleaning them up in a months time. Move em or lose em buddy.”

But the arrogance to edit my information without notice or consent and then inform me retroactively via a email featuring a model with a dazed sh*t eating grin like I should have thanked them was too galling to believe. If a person behaved in the same manner they would have to suffer some psychiatric disorder.

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