Defunct carmaker Saturn's 2003 ad explains how absurd cars are

Hey, I got a 2004 Scion xB as well. My first ever new car. I loved that thing so much that ten years later when I was in the market for another car, I went and bought a used 2005.


Yep… Checks out. :wink:


I had a friend who had one of their SUVs, it caught fire and burned to a crisp while driving. I think I recall its replacement was also a lemon.

I had a used ‘95 wagon that served me well for 10 years and it got great mileage; moving on to the next vehicle was the first time in my life a car got worse mileage than the one before. OTOH I don’t have to downshift at the slightest whiff of hill anymore, it was only 80hp or so.


This Saturn commercial turned me on to The Walkmen.


I drove a 2003 Saturn VUE for 15 years. I only sold it reluctantly after coming to terms with the fact that parts would go from “difficult” to “impossible” to find. I still miss that car :frowning:

Am I alone in thinking that’s it quite telling that the majority of responses in this thread are musings about a now defunct car brand when the point of Rob’s post was a very much different one?

Probably because we’re already all in agreement about “fuck the suburbs”.


And the Motors thread is full of eco warrior marxist rants…


And, the rebadged Opels were better than most GM offerings…we still have a pair, after having owned a “real” Saturn previously.

The problem is the entire infrastructure being built around the automobile. American cities now (including where I live) would be unlivable without it (and may be unlivable with…).

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