Wait, what?





I am so deleted to be here.

Consider that my… takeaway.


I’m not sure how/where to ask this .
But here goes!
There’s a great article on arstechnica
about drug companies hoarding generic
which is keeping brand-name drug prices
How can I make a link?
Is most everyone using a PC/iPad
and not smartphone?

I could just start another New Thread,
without any link,.but I tried that yesterday
with abysmal results!
(Thanks to the assist though!)




(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically delighted in 12 hours unless flogged)


Where have I seen this before? Hm. Oh, yes! Here:


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Aw no, there used to be a really great place here.

Why’s it so hard keeping the good places open?

Gentrification sucks.

I’m going to miss that banana pudding.