#DeleteHQ: Trivia players are angry with HQ since it's raising $15 million with Peter Thiel's Founders Fund

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i’m 100% convinced this is also a bitcoin mining operation


A lot of valid info but ending with “The grapes are probably sour anyway!” seems kind of childish.


my eternal question is “how are they funding this?”, and i have yet to find a reasonable answer that doesn’t border on conspiracy theory stuff. i’m certainly no fan of peter thiel, but i’m still having fun and i haven’t experienced any of things mentioned at the end of the article – other than the extreme lag and hanging. i personally think they need to kill off the chat, which is useless.

anyway, back on topic: i don’t think i’ll delete it just yet, because i want to see how they react to this furor.

The app is CRAP. Sure, laggy video etc is bad enough … but button clicks not registering? On a three button View? They should fire the whole dev team, period!

And then there’s the winning. Spend half an hour, answer all 12 questions correctly … and the whole pot is split 400 ways (or at least when I ‘won’).

That’s 5 bucks for half an hour of your life. Screw that.

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I wasn’t aware at first, but you can swipe away the chat. It helps a little with the lag, I think, and immensely with my feelings about humanity in general.


that was the best thing i’ve discovered so far. i wish they would post the questions and answers after each game, though. i can never remember what question was my downfall later on.

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Having only learned about HQ through Desert Bus, it strikes me as the kind of game I’d be more interested in watching someone else play than actually participate in myself.

Especially when that someone else does things like this:

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each game is 15 mins, tops. i know sometimes it feels longer, but it’s true.

I didn’t know that either. Now I’m torn. Delete because of moral beliefs or be able to play trivia without a constant stream of the dregs of civilization.

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