Delightful papercraft flora and fauna

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Reminds me of this painting by Magritte.


My one thought when I saw these was “It’s a shame that those colors are going to fade in the light,” but then I realized that when you are working with cut and assembled sheets of paper like that, the whole piece is pretty ephemeral to start with.

I really love her work, and her website has some nice WIP photos up.

I also thought it was very insightful when you mentioned that being good at a craft these days almost requires you to be good at photographing your work too, to share it with people and get it out there.

One of my son’s science fair projects in middle school was building a phenakistiscope to demonstrate the persistence of vision using really basic animation. I suggested that he use cut paper to make the tumbling and rotating geometric figures of the animation, rather than drawing and painting them.

It gave very neat and clean results, and he used neon colored papers so he could illuminate the twirling picture disk with UV light to make the pieces glow as they spun.

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