Delightfully claustrophobic bookstore in Paris


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There’s a small used book store in Friday Harbor that follows this pattern of “tons of obscure books.” Makes a good reason to get off the ferry if you’re visiting the area. Not quite as jam packed with books as the example in the OP (even though every nook and cranny is filled with paper), but you can still lose an hour or more browsing the selection.

Reminds me of Capitol Hill Books here in Washington, DC. Three floors of a tiny shop jam-packed with quality used books. Humourous hand-written genre labels, barely accepts credit cards. One of my favorite places.

Looks similar to most used book stores I’ve been in in the past few years. And I love that they are like this - it feels good in a way I cannot quite define. The smell of pages, the wealth of words all around…I would not honestly expect them to look any other way.

My favorite little store by my house went out of business years ago. The owner explained that while he loved running the store, and books, he could sell them on eBay much easier and without the overhead of a store itself. I can’t fault him in any way, but I miss that store.

Link to Flickr photoset Mark mentioned (link in post goes to Pigeon Press).

Looks like my dad’s apartment.

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Don’t forget MacLeod’s Books in Vancouver BC, a quick day-trip up from Seattle.

If the store recognizes you as a bibliophile, the really towering stacks in the basement will spontanously drop amazing finds onto your head as you pass underneath (happened to me TWICE.)

That’s nice to see Un Regard Moderne here, it’s one of the best book store in France (maybe in the world ?). It’s an important piece of the fanzine and self-publishing ecosystem.

The most famous English-language bookstore, Shakespeare & Company, is almost that crowded. On the left bank opposite the Cathedral of Notre Dame, it’s a must for any English speaking visitor, on the 2nd or 3rd day of the trip when you start getting Language Lag.

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