The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles is a cool, huge indy book bookstore

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Makes me nostalgic for A Change of Hobbit.

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I went there after I had jury duty in downtown LA. They have a great selection of both new and used books, and they are within a short walk to a MTA stop.


I was excited by a similar post to go there one Saturday. It’s not terrible, and you have to love any independent bookstores. But, seriously: “huge”? It’s really, really not. It’s medium-sized at best, with a very moderately sized collection of books that heavily skews towards some areas.

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What a fantastic post and video! I’m from LA, but have lived in Asia for almost 30 years and there aren’t any good bookstores, independent or otherwise. I really miss bookstores! And this fellow’s story is so inspirational. Next time I’m Stateside I will visit it and hopefully meet the owner too.

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As long as you’re going to be there, you should also go to the Bradbury Building It’s like a 6 minute walk (.3 miles( from The Last Bookstore.

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