Deliverance's inbred banjo boy

I don’t know of any evidence that the actor is actually “inbred.” His facial features (at least as a child) are similar to those found in victims of fetal alcohol syndrome.

when song has finished and the boy shuts off completely.

He ‘shut off’ when the stranger blasphemed.

Redden gave “Deliverance Tours” along the Georgia river where the film was shot.

“And if you look to your left, you’ll see sodomy ridge.”

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Dang! Robin Williams isn’t looking so good! :wink:


I prefer Southern Comfort to Deliverance. Am I unusual?

Also, I don’t much like the title of this thread.


I was gonna say Bono, but Robin Williams is a good call.

And who actually played that banjo part? Eric Weisberg, New York musician. He and Marshall Brickman (writing partner of Woody Allen) released a breakthrough album of banjo picking featuring the new-at-that-time “melodic” banjo style, playing fiddle-like melodies note for note. They and Bill Keith modernized banjo playing. Northerners, all. (BTW, Eric appeared in a recent Viagra commercial set in a Nashville recording studio).


That movie has forever associated dueling banjos with unpleasant things for so many people. Being from Georgia with a southern accent (pronounced AX-SEE-INT), I’ve had it jokingly referenced more than once by people I’ve spoken to as I’ve traveled to northern and western states. I guess that’s better than squealing like a pig!


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I was with my friends Steve and Elaine, looking at CDs at a Circuit City (say, this was a while back!). I paused over Rhino’s “Appalachian Stomp” disk, and Elaine asked me what I was looking at.

“Well,” I said, “This looks like it has all the bluegrass pieces I ever felt like playing. It even has the Ballad of Jed Clampett. Here’s Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Orange Blossom Special, Rocky Top, Dueling Banjos…”

“That’s my brother,” she said. I looked confused, and she explained that her brother, Steve Mandell (not to be confused with her husband of the same first name), played guitar on the cut — for which he got [no byline and] not a lot of money.

After that, I just had to get it, and, to make a long story short— The End. Drive safely.

edited to set off the part on which I was corrected [I’d rather have put a line through it]


No byline? I had an audiocassette of music by Weissberg and Mandel that featured the track in question, and both names were listed prominently on the cover. Looked just like this:

Hmm. Maybe he didn’t get screen credit for it.

I stand corrected, and have awkwardly edited my comment to sort-of, kind-of, reflect that.

For a modern viewer, the strangest thing is that nobody is filming it with their phone.

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It’s Burt Reynolds, not Burt Reynold.

He was in Big Fish? Now i know how Miley learned how to twerk.


I have always wondered why this is called Dueling Banjos, when it features only one banjo?


That’s bugged me for years, but I’ve never been able to think of a better alternative. “Dueling Six-strings” won’t work, since most banjos only have five strings. “Dueling Axes” seems a bit too Robert E. Howardish. And “A Banjo Duels A Guitar And Ultimately (Spoiler) Triumphs,” while perfectly accurate, is missing a certain je ne sais quois.


Arthur Smith, who composed it during the 50s, wrote it for two banjos. It was originally called “Feudin’ Banjos” and he recorded it playing a four-string banjo along with the late, great bluegrass musician Don Reno (who played a five-string banjo).

Just out of interest, Smith was not credited as the composer of “Duelling Banjos” in Deliverance. He successfully sued the filmmakers over this.


I like it! Pity it’s not mine to rename. Just wait til I ascend to the Imperial Throne.


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