Scenes from classic westerns featuring genderswapped gunslingers


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Final Showdown - So here be spoilers:


I would say that the reason the genre leans so heavily on machismo is because of the very ingrained gender norms of the time. Same with the majority of movies that take place in some older time or culture, stuff with pirates, knights, cowboys, etc. That’s not to say that there weren’t strong women who went against the norm and were acknowledged by their peers as incredibly capable.

I’m all for movies and other media portraying women as something more diverse and complex than either set dressing or as an object(ive) for a male character.


See also Fury Road. It’s a cross country Road Trip movie… where a woman is the biggest badass in the proverbial room that’s full of dudebro everywhere. And it is GLORIOUS.


Likewise with the Alien franchise. That’s a genre that are typically vehicles for male actors to be badasses, i still find the Alien movies to be refreshing.


Genderswapped or not, these are fantastic Americana. Nice to be reminded of the things I enjoy about this country these days.


Is it wrong for me to just think they’re hot?



That scene from Westworld with the tattooed lady gunslinger. “The Gods are Pussies.”


They weren’t as ingrained as you might think:

Really the cowboy/gunslinger trope has more to do with the gender politics of the mid 20th century than the realities of 19th. The same is true of knights and damsels in distress—that was a Victorian fantasy, not a historical reality.

Her art is great and everything, but she’s showing women being strong in the ways that men were supposed to have been, rather than being strong in the ways that women more often were.



Now let’s see Andy Oakley and Calamity James!


I’d rather see John Wayne sipping tea in a dress.


I think that’s why I like the Coen Bros. version of True Grit - the biggest badass in the film is a 14 year old girl.


Yeah, that movie rocked.

Apart from the fact that it was set in an alternate history universe where people didn’t use contractions.


The genderswap of “the good the bad and the ugly” doesn’t bug me. The lack of a weird grimace/smirk and cigarillo (regardless of gender) bugs me.


I dig it! Women do IDGAF so much better than men (imho), and these paintings capture that quite well in a thought out and inspiring fashion. Beautiful, all around.




You didn’t know contractions weren’t invented until 1908?


Funny that the Coens directed an entire film without thinking that one through.


Hey, I’d watch these movies, and I loved the originals too.