Deloitte got comprehensively hacked in March and didn't tell anyone


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For those that don’t know, Deloitte is a massive consulting, auditing, analytics and (insert lots of other stuff here) company. This breach is scary as hell, as they’ve got a tremendous amount of access into client systems as part of their work.

If there’s any one company from which attackers could then pivot into a large number of Fortune 500 companies’ internal systems, it’s this one. And that’s more than a little concerning.




Did the executives dump stock?


As is potential leaking of security clearance information. Deloitte does ALLOT of government contracting.


It’s actually some kind of partnership thingy. I don’t think there are publicly held shares, so they can’t do that.


Bless the Deloitte employee (I presume) who leaked this to the Guardian.


Haven’t used Deloitte in a long time, but they used to do business audits back in the day, so their files could be full of Microsoft Word documents describing in minute detail all the data security issues they found on their customers’ business systems…


Have they considered the possibility it was the 400-pound guy sitting on his bed in New Jersey? Few have taken this threat seriously, although the President himself highlighted the danger last year.


Deloitte is going down da toilet.


No, but only because there’s no stock – it’s not publicly traded. Pretty sure some non-partner heads are gonna roll very soon though.


Nah, Trump solved the harm from that guy himself, and he’s now out of bed and sitting on the beach.


I broke the like button.


Private companies can also have stock scandals…


To whoever manufactured his beach chair… I am very impressed.


“October or March”

from the article:
“… may have had access to its systems since October or November 2016.”


Given that Deloitte has slightly more than 6 customers; I suspect that they’ll be getting a few angry calls about the nature of customer service.

And boy will they deserve them.

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