Criminal hackers breach law firm, threaten to release Trump documents

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Someone should start a GoFundMe to raise $43 million to make sure they DO release the documents. Shouldn’t take more than 5 or 6 minutes to reach that objective.


Good luck with that. :frowning_face:


I can’t imagine a scenario where you blackmail the president of the united states and walk away cash in hand free and clear. You can make the demand but how in the hell do you think you can get payed without the full force of governmental agencies tracking you down? It’s absolutely the most risky shakedown you could try. The only type I could see pulling it off would be maybe a foreign dictator, but not some dude with a computer in his basement and some proxy scripts.


Especially a fascist POTUS with no guardrails. Something about a bonesaw…


Cute that they think he has $42 million.

I suppose he has ACCESS to that much.


seems like a trumpy stunt, very much in the “he shat himself” vein. people being mean to the demented tangerine only makes him more popular, especially if the accusations are true and undeniable.

insert gif of donald sutherland pointing


Reports are that the breach is 756GB of material.

That’s not the sort of thing that you exfiltrate in a moment, even if you have obtained access. It probably also amounts to a lot of “we need to discuss your liberal interpretation of attorney-client privilege” moments coming up. Even if you’ve committed to perfectly replicating a paper-based workflow via uncompressed TIFs or something similarly perverse, 750GB is a lot when talking about text-heavy data.


My work actually does this. Occasionally I have to look at archive files and there will be a .tif of a piece of paper saying ‘this file is empty’ in 72 point type.


Yeah, our taxes.


756GB is nothing. Discovery means turning over every file even remotely related to the subject held by every person at a company. That’s multiple copies of every email (with embedded attachments), multiple copies of every file saved from those emails, every document, scanned, every video, and so on. Double that since discovery goes both directions. My small company delivered something like 40GB during a dispute.


Yeah, reading that, I could only assume the blackmailers were either bluffing about what they had, or were incredibly naive.


Ha! Jokes on them! We didn’t want him as president before that!

But I guess there are tons on evangelical “healers”/preachers that are worth millions and millions (that are weirdly absent during this pandemic), and the venn diagram for their marks and Donny’s have a pretty high level of convergence, so I guess there’s money somewhere…


I call on you hackers who have breached this law firm to release the documents. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.


Release the Hacken’!!


My favorite part: “The criminal group posted on its blog…”


I honestly cannot fathom what they could unearth about Trump that would change the minds of anyone who has stuck with him this far.


A video of him having sex with dead boys? That’s about the only thing I can fathom at this point, and even then, I’m not so sure…

‘Sunk cost’ fuckers are almost like freakin’ drug addicts


“If they release this stuff, it is possible they will have both U.S. Cyber Command and FSB targeting them,” Liska said, referring to Russia’s Federal Security Service. “Most Russian leadership leaves them alone as long as they don’t target Russian citizens. This would probably be an exception.”

Just thinking out loud: Russia is a kleptocracy. It’s controlled by Putin, armed with seemingly vast power, and estimated to be the richest person in the world. Assuming that Putin’s cyber army are motivated by something other than loyalty, cashing in on what Putin already has on Trump would help keep that cyber army financed and happy while Trump’s tit is still profitably in the wringer and November is nearing, which to me means that Putin will shield these so-called criminal hackers (who I believe are at least contractors in Putin’s cyber army); there’s US politics to influence and this year is so, so important.

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Sure would be nice if this was for real. I’m talking Panama Papers kind of dump. But I believe Brainspore is correct. There is NOTHING that will move the base. So, we overwhelm the base at election. Their loud, outrageous behavior makes them seem mightier and larger than they are. Having said that, the struggle is real. Now that spring is here, I have vegetables in my garden that are more alert than Joe Biden.