2600 Magazine offers $10K for Trump's tax return


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I’m me, and I approve this message.


I understand that the offer is mostly symbolic, but I wonder which nationwide publication would not pay as much.


Man, I wish I had them. I’d totally ask for payment in a big ass ruby that I could make into a Shadow ring (though his was a fire opal).


Shit, where is Larry Flynt on this? He’s offered 1 million bucks for less.



Don’t you think that hackers have already tried???

Russians probably have them but it serves them not to make public.


Maybe ask Russia if they can find his tax returns and release them.


I could probably put together a pretty convincing one. I’d work hard for a week or two for 10,000.


Yeah, that’s the (eventual) problem with a leak on these: how do you authenticate them? Is leaking them giving the short fingered vulgarian the ammunition he needs to continue to stonewall on the topic?


Well if mine is a fake, he could prove it very easily…


Don’t bother. There’s no reason to get them, just as there is no need to for Trump to release them. He’s already been totally transparent, unlike Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, he said that he can’t release them because he’s under audit, he will release them, he won’t release them because there is nothing in them to see, and he won’t release them because The Liberal Media will just comb through them looking for things to make him look bad, like how much money he actually makes, where it went, and how much taxes he didn’t pay.*

Now, can we move on to serious, important issues, like how sick and weak and old and sick Crooked Hillary is?


  • Trump 2016!


I think there is a good chance that there is nothing interesting in those returns. Trump is the rare kind of guy who would be mortally embarrassed if it emerged that he was a second-rate billionaire worth only two or three billion, but as long as there are three commas it’s simply a non-story.


Is he being audited? I think not.


Most likely it will be that 1) He doesn’t “make” that much money and/or 2) he uses every loop hole available to pay nearly no taxes. Possibly even a refund.



So, of all the things he’s said, that is the one that raises alarm bells for you?


Yes, and yes. But also 3) he gives nothing to charity and 4) he has deep financial ties to Russian oligarchs.


All of them. And ANY future hot putrid air with vibrations that originate from his dark dry throat.


A few years ago, 2600 had a contests where you got their DVD and then told them how many easter eggs you could find. If you were the closest, you’d get a lot of swag, like a lifetime subscription and some t-shirts (something like that).

There was not one single entry in the competition. That means that if anybody would have even said anything about the number of easter eggs they’d found, they’d be the de facto winner.

That being said, considering the likelihood that Trump’s tax return doesn’t exist, would sending them an empty envelope count as a win?