Trump Jr says his dad can't release tax returns because it will have "every person in the country asking questions"


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The “CNN” link goes to a different BB article on my machine?



@frauenfelder your CNN link is a lie. Much like the cake. It’s pointing at a completely unrelated BB article from earlier today.


I LOLed.


What fraction of the son’s brain has developed for the purpose of excusing his father’s actions?


I found the tax return online - go figure…


One tax return, 12,000 pages? Or all of them? That’s a lot of pages.


I can see right through his excuse, so I guess that’s a form of “transparency.”


If I turn myself in, the police will just start asking a lot of questions. :thinking:


That’s kinda the point, innit?


There are no 12,000 pages - that volume of information is filed electronically.
If it were printed (a favorite way to share electronic data that you don’t wish to share, as any lawyer during the discovery phase of a trial can tell you) - then maybe 12,000 pages, or 100 pages, or just 2, if like most people, you just want to see IRS Form 1040.


Obviously Hillary is therefore the crook because she must have got her accountants to set things up so that her tax records would look honest. Donald has been working so hard that he hasn’t had time to make himself look good.


Someone should tell Jr that questions are kinda integral to democracy, in fact I’d say they were a fine way to make one great again…


it will have “every person in the country asking questions”

It’ll probably be the first question many of them have ever asked.


So his own son finds Trumps tax returns… Questionable?

That’s deplorable.


@newliminted: My financial life is pretty simple, but if I print out a full year’s tax return it is at least 40 pages. Trump’s would include schedules for every business he owns, and investment income, and deductions of all different kinds. Then you add in many state returns, and the forms for international taxes (which I know nothing about, but I expect it adds a lot more paperwork for each country). 12,000 could be a gross exaggeration, but it could also be plausible.

@kpkpkp: The fact that it has never actually been printed doesn’t really matter. If you make it a pdf, it’ll have the same number of pages


Do the math people! A 12,000 page tax return would raise LOTS of questions. Far too many. Better to leave it at just the one far simpler question.

What is trump hiding?


In other news…


Yeah but TurboTax makes mine like 30 when only like 4 are anything useful. So 12,000 is probably more like 2,000.


I’ll say this: it seems deeply unlikely to me that the short fingered vulgarian has paid any personal income tax in the last 15 year (or more). I’d be totally shocked if he wasn’t using every shady legitimate/illegitimate shelter/dodge/write-off ever to completely write off all his income.
That’s the secret.
There’s all this money moving around, and none of it is his “income” so there’s nothing to tax.

IANAL etc etc etc