Trump's 2005 tax returns revealed on Maddow, raise many new questions


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I won’t link for obvious reasons, but you can dig through Twitter and find a few users streaming the show live via Periscope if you’re cable-less like me.


She’s dragging this out.

Also, for those who don’t have cable…


Drip, drip, drip


Of course the WH is calling publication illegal.



Absent suggestions of illegal behavior, I doubt anyone will care who does not already dislike President Trump for other reasons. It is no secret that the man makes money and it is no secret that US tax code plus the kind of accountants money can pay for equal less tax paid. If this already was a deciding factor for you, this is not news. And if you didn’t care, it is doubly not news.

Obviously I’m projecting here because I don’t have access to any opinion polls. I consider myself pretty liberal in the American sense of the word. However, I don’t think making money is wrong, and neither do I think paying as little tax as possible is wrong. I had an opportunity when paying my own state taxes to MA to check a box and pay extra tax. I did not check that box. And I don’t feel guilty about that, or at all conflicted, even though I generally vote for people who are likely to raise taxes on my demographic.

Of course, by the time I finish this comment maybe something truly heinous will have been revealed, and I will regret saying these things.


“If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear”


Agreed-ish… not wrong per se, but don’t consider me neutral if ethics are sacrificed in either endeavor.

Absent suggestions of illegal behavior, I doubt anyone will care

Hold on a sec. In this context, opening with that line is like saying “Absent the possibility that there’s gold in fort knox, I doubt anyone will find anything to steal.” We’ll see. It may be that there’s nothing revelatory in his taxes, but he sure did go to a lot of trouble to not release them for someone who thinks there’s nothing to hide.



Donald Trump has been an adult and paying taxes a really long time.

Well, I’d say that’s half true.


I’m not even sure which half you think that is…



I see what you’re saying, but I don’t agree with that comparison. I’ve heard fellow liberals MANY TIMES essentially make the argument that we should be outraged at people or companies that avoid paying taxes. My point is precisely that if this is the whole story, no one will care who is not already offended. If there is something illegal, that might anger not just people who resent tax avoidance, but also people who don’t like people breaking the law, which I am guessing is a larger set of people.


Well, Trump has never acted like a decent adult ever as far as i can see… As for taxes paid, that’s another story (for the record, i reckon probably a poor and complex outcome via taxhavens IMHO)


At this point, if you’re still a Trump supporter, it’s doubtful you’ll care about something illegal. So to some extent, I agree with you more than you do: No one will care who is not already offended.

We’re pretty much fucked.


Well, it looks as though these two pages of 10+ year old 1040s don’t really have much going for them. Whatever he doesn’t want the world to see isn’t on them.


So it seems there’s a lot of “see, he pays his fair share” arguments - but don’t forget that the AMT amount - presumably triggered because many of the writedowns he took don’t reduce your AMT - can (and probably were, or will soon now that he’s on a public servant’s salary) be refunded in full. After claiming back those credits, the effective rate is still around 5%.


If if there’s nothing particularly embarassing on them, it’s time to question why they were leaked now? Is the leak of one fairly innocuous year of tex return intended to draw our attention away from something else?


It is suspicious that Trump only released the same two pages. How did he know Rachel didn’t have the entire return?

The first two pages aren’t anywhere near enough to get a picture of what concerns there might be.


The health care plan.