Delta and American join United in ending change fees for most US flights

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Well, goody goody gumdrops for them.


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I see they’re still holding firm on that egregious policy of charging for baggage. I think I’ve had to change my flight once in my lifetime yet I’ve had luggage for every single flight.



Hey airlines: Do you want my business?

How about empowering the crew to immediately tase and duct tape any anti-maskers immediately, rather than stopping the flight and “dealing with it” for the next three hours, including deplaning, reboarding, and changing flights?


How’s about grounding flights until there is a goddamned vaccine.

How the fuck do you think the rona got here in the first place? It sure as hell didn’t walk here.


Airlines didn’t treat their passengers like human beings before the pandemic, I’m sure not going to trust them to care during the pandemic, even if I was willing to fly.


Shot: No more change fees
Chaser: $200 to check a bag


I’m reminded of the tale of a man whose house was too small. He asked the town rabbi for help, and the rabbi recommended he bring the chickens into the house. (repeat n times…) Then the last time, the rabbi says, “get all the animals back into the yard.” The man comes back the next day, overjoyed, exclaiming “my house is HUGE!”


Don’t fly unless absolutely necessary, more positive changes are coming the longer the airlines lose money


Yeah, drop bag fees & the extra charge for a window or aisle seat & then we can talk about Corona safety protocols like roping off every other seat or even every other row. No way I am going to pay their ridiculous add-on fees to spend hours sitting next to an untested stranger, even masked.

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I’m that guy though.

Last time I looked Delta was also continuing to block middle seats, unlike most other US airlines. I flew Delta at the end of June and felt relatively safe (unlike the codeshare, which overfilled the flight). They should add rapid covid testing at the airports, maybe replacing the TSA, which doesn’t serve any purpose anymore (terrorism is several orders of magnitude less of a danger than coronavirus).

One positive thing about dropping the change fee is that people won’t feel obligated to use the ticket even if they discover they’re sick. Our tourism is down to practically nothing, but we still have travelers coming in because otherwise they’d have wasted their money on the ticket.

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