Delta's awesome safety video is loaded with memes

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The last flight I took – might have been via Delta – had a more subtle but still very funny safety video.

I’m really glad that airlines thought of these. They get people to watch, and they provide some levity after the stressful process of getting shoehorned into a coach seat.

WAIT is that supposed to be Pedo Bear popping his head in there?


No Fark squirrel. Not fair.

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Ugh…6 mins of dumb Internet memes intermixed with dry safety instructions. I don’t mind the effort to make the standard safety videos more humorous but try watching this 120 times/year and the novelty quickly wears thin.

I’ve seen this one far too many times already since it debuted last year…multiple times a day in fact

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Yeah, shoehorned memes isn’t enough to top Virgin’s, which I still pay attention to after multiple viewings.

Their 80s safety video was hilarious. As someone who flies Delta ~120,000 miles a year I appreciate that they do this.

I’m sorry, but I personally believe only in the One True Safety Dance:


I had a friend that went by Ugan. We frequently found opportunity to say “Ugan, dance if you want to”.


Huh, no 9/11 tourist guy meme. Disappointed.

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Was it actually Overly Attached Girlfriend or just a lookalike?

Looks like it was Laina


What, no goatse?


And just when @midnight is on repeats.

They should put some of that effort into customer service. Flying Delta is like taking a cattle truck to Mexico.

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I like this, but preferred their old trippy animated video.

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