Deluded billionaire gives UC Irvine $200M to study homeopathy and "alternative" therapies


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  1. Take $200M
  2. Type up 1-page report that says “It’s all bullshit.”
  3. Use $200M where it will do some good.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!


I think you mean, ‘Diluted Billionaire’.


Hey Henry Samueli, get in the sack!


And in another instance of throwing good money after bad ideas, a rapper is trying to raise money to prove that the Earth is flat.



I laugh as I sip my opium tea.


You mean to say the Earth isn’t flat?


I myself am a homeopathically diluted billionaire. Tremble, peasants, as you gaze upon my overdrawn bank account.


Obligatory Bloom County:


Heh. Maybe the “college of health sciences” could just pay 200m to whatever real department is most relevant for an official report on what bullshit it is, then close down having run out of money.


Or setup the department to just funnel the money into state taxes as efficiently as possible.

This is fun.

It’s like Brewster’s Millions for higher education.


Deluded US taxpayers spend $300-400 million/year to fund research in complementary medicine:

(This was the brainchild of Senator Tom Harkin, who I even voted for once.)


Maybe we should replace temporarily embarrassed millionaires with temporarily diluted billionaires.


If you delete one point it’s homeomorphic to flat.


Jury’s still out on that one. I’m going to wait until Flat Earth Bob’s satellites give us a definitive answer.


Hey! Homeopathic porn saved my sex life from all kinds of toxins!


I could see studying the effects of old home remedies, jungle or odd plants, fungi, gastrointestinal flora, and discrediting homeopathy forever, being an excellent use of 200 mil.


Maybe he could spend that 200k on school.


FWIW, another opinion - the right one - in the Times:


To slightly play devil’s advocate, homeopathy is only one area that the Samuelis recommend the new building and labs they’re funding should be used to study. They also mention acupuncture and integrated medicine, which are far more broadly accepted.