Dershowitz: Fill the gap in the 25th amendment


Considering what a defender he has been to the villainous, this is interesting:

His hypothetical president has a lot of similarities with ours (who he has been an ardent defender of). So it kind of reads like he is turning on him. Ish.



Nothing Dershowitz has to say is interesting or valuable. Ever. Even if he’s right.







I reject the idea that the framers pretended to know what Congress would consider an impeachable offense 240+ years hence. For all intents and purposes the definition of an “impeachable offense” is “whatever Congress deems an impeachable offense.”

We don’t need any new laws to remove Trump from office now. “Oh well, he’s clearly unfit for office but there’s nothing we can do without a Constitutional Amendment” is just another way of defending him.



Yep. I find him interesting not because of his novel legal theories but because he only seems interested in ensuring his Rich and Powerful clients recieve equal constitutional protections.

So when he seems to break from one such a client, one wonders why.

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Yup. I’m no lawyer, let alone a Constitutional expert. But the legal minds I turn to for perspective, including Ken White (who I don’t always agree with but who is honest, extremely experienced and one of the good guys) all seem to be saying the same thing. Dershowitz is peddling horse hockey to the general public in service to his support of Trump using arguments that would never fly as sober legal analysis. And that Dershowitz, right-wing hack though he is, is too experienced not to know he’s misleading the public. In other words, Dershowitz is engaged in mere propaganda which he’s trying to sell with his Harvard Law credentials.



Dershowitz has enough Democratic allies/clients I do not think of him as a right wing shill.

I think of him as a highly credentialed shill for hire.

How many lawyers do you know with an 8 figure net worth? And how many lawyers have been implicated in the crimes of their clients and then settled out of court? (See:

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