Design fiction, the Internet of Women's things, and futurism

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The Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination

It’s a wonderful world that a place like that exists.


This is a really important idea, but we need a different word to “women’s things”. This is not a form of thinking men should be excluded from, and it’s not a form of thinking that should be automatically expected of women. I see it as a hangover of the PC days as much as DOS, it was excluded from the computer world at the same time as women were because computers were boy’s toys. And now when we see someone like Mark Zuckerberg wielding this Dolores Umbridge soft power with his algorithm we don’t really have a concept for what he is doing, or that someone else could do it in a less creepy way.

Yes there is currently correlation, and probably more so in Italy. Bruce and Jasmina are obviously making this very traditional arrangement work for themselves, the arrangement is very obvious in Bruce’s fiction as always, and I don’t want to attack that, just have it as one of several options.

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