Design your own planet, Populous-style

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The first thing i thought about was The Little Prince

I think i’d love a whimsical random planet exploration/designing game. Kind of like Spore, but you know… fun. And based off The little Prince (:


For your Windows desktop, to be clear.

Too bad. I tried the house version on my fairly speedy MabBook Pro and it froze my computer for about 5 minutes before Unity admitted defeat.

I loved Populous, and would love a revival of that.


This looks wonderful, and nothing like Populous.

It looks a little like Populous: The Beginning, but even that’s a stretch.

And TrackMania looks nothing like Racing Destruction Set, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t similarities.

You seriously don’t remember pointing, clicking, and raising or lowering land?

Man, I miss that – without the attendant stupid puzzles to solve. I hate puzzles. I like an open-world thang.

I agree. For me, Populus was only about clicking to make cool land formations. I think this retained the feel very well.


LittleBigPlanet had something like that in the first 2 games (didn’t play the third so I don’t know)

Sure but that’s a pretty small thing. SimCity has stretchy land too, at least some versions.

Is that a planet made of Tootsie Rolls or dog turds?

Or is there a difference?

No designing involved, but the Mario Galaxy games are whimsical as fuck, and their planetoids are a total delight to navigate.

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