How much game can you fit in 32x32 pixels?


Someday, someone’s going to port Castle Wolfenstein to my Pebble.


Came here to comment on Castle Wolfenstein. I’d be surprised if the original game used more than 10 pixels total.

Of course, there’s always the classic Adventure for Atari 2600. What is that thing? A duck?


The Sony Pocketstation had 32x32 resolution, but it was B&W only (not even shades of grey), so while it had a fast ARM processor and great sound, it didn’t get as many games as the Sega VMU (48x32 resolution - 50% bigger)

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Which one? The non-FPS one? I want DOOM!

I think I beat The Pyramid Gate, but it’s so hard to tell. I made all the pyramids glow and then went through a door and then… it ended? Is that winning? Either way, cool looking game.

32X32 - that’s huge! I made a dungeon crawler that’s literally over 40 times smaller, in 5X5 monochrome:

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Randomly I remember from the Dreamcast technical manuals that the VMU’s CPU was codenamed “POTATO”. Someone with my dumb sense of humour obviously thought having a “POTATO chip” would be a good idea.

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Don’t forget one of the earliest games in this genre, the 2008 remake of Defender in a 16x16 favicon:

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