Designer turned mid-century matchbook covers into gorgeous pro-voting memes


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From the days when the matchbook striker strip was on the front! Where it belongs!


“Vote Blue” matchbook covers, safety matches indeed.




Close cover before striking


Judging by what looks like the Hollywood Hills in the distance behind her house, I’m going to hazard that Providence is not where Ms Stickler hangs her leopard print pillbox hat…


@BBSux is clearly a parody of all the cranks that show up with burner accounts. And very successful at parodying such cranks at that.

I am enjoying this. Keep up the good work!


And improving their response time. Devastating though it was, it took 24 days after joining to polish their opening statement.

edit: Oops, the first post is gone, but not before it caused me to question my entire worldview.


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