Midcentury-inspired matching clothing by Charles Phoenix


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Lovely. If only I had a significant other to match up with.


I love that fish combo!

But, even if it would ship to me, that price is way over my budget.


Once again the Featherstones were ahead of their time.


Show up on a date with the matching apparel as a gift. It won’t be weird at all…


I think they’re super cute but I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would jump into a river to drown before wearing a shirt like that… or he’d wear it once for Halloween and it would sit there in the closet every other day of the year. Come to think of it I don’t think the man owns a single button down with short sleeves.




Do what film studio wardrobe people do when they want to find earlier-than-80s clothing; they go to thrift stores. (That’s how the Seinfeld wardrobe department filled up on Kramer’s outfits.)


All my print/Aloha style shirts are from trawling thrift stores.


I think one could get away with wearing this sort of stuff while on cruise ships.

Well… there you are!!



For a brand new shirt of that type, that is about average for price. Yes it is expensive but it will last a long time.
I got 2 Marimekko dress shirts ON SALE at $70ish each 10+ years ago and they still look great with regular wear.


That’s actually great advice, @euansmith. Go retro all the way and run up to your blind date sportin’ this! Don’t forget the chain! Guaranteed to impress! Just… just… run up there!

BTW: A secret part of me wants to get away with wearing those zoot pants. They look comfy.


Such “vintage inspired” shirts are what we just call “shirts” in my neck of the woods. I do like the fish pattern, and if these were available in a heavy cotton instead of sateen I might buy one. (Also not crazy about “dry clean only”.)


The Zoot look is cool.


OH no - zoot suits - that is how riots start…


In Los Angeles, I think. I don’t believe anything like that occurred in NYC; my mom has a photo somewhere of my dad (as a teenager) wearing a zoot suit. He didn’t appear to be in danger.



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