Fruit of the Loom Men's 4-pack of pocket T-shirts

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I appreciate that you’ve found a shirt that you like, but somebody else is paying so that your 4-pack only costs $11.

Look around, I guarantee with a little work you can find a similarly-weighted shirt for a reasonable price that is not subsidizing someone else’s institutionalized poverty…


In before the Internet Fashion Police pitch a fit about wearing shoes without socks.

(I never got the logic where shoes require socks, but porous shoes AKA sandals require not-socks.)


I only buy robot-made garments.


Having to agree with this-if produced at a living wage in the U.S. these shirts would cost about $20.00 each. Where are the ones you used to wear produced?



It’s the stink factor. Shoes are a better container for your foot juices, and without socks to absorb the majority of this effluence, your shoes turn into a cauldron of fermented foulness. Sandals, on the other hand, being open, keep your feet cooler, and what juices are generated tend to evaporate, further cooling your feet. Of course there is residue left over after evaporation, and it is easier to clean sandals, especially when comparing footwear that is non-machine-washable.

Lastly, sandals with socks are so tacky as to deserve capital punishment.


Tiny pockets, and would be better with a flap with a velcro to close the pocket and prevent spillages of stored crap. (I modded some of my shirts from buttoned pockets to velcroed ones and never looked back.)

A matching large pocket on the other side would also be handy.


i’m guessing you live where the temperature never changes.


My cousin just married a hipster guy - maybe I can ask him where Mark can buy some locally-sourced, fair trade, organic, vegan, indie t-shirts… :smiley:


Yeah, see, having non-breathable stuff like leather or plastic pressed against my feet all day makes them sweat (and stink) like crazy, and with the open sides everyone near me gets to enjoy it too. Wearing socks keeps them cooler, and allows what sweat does occur to evaporate. Trust me, you’d rather I be wearing socks with my sandals.

Shit, it’s the Internet Fashion Police! Everyone hide your hats!


There is one important question that has not been asked. Do you tuck?


How can nobody have said it yet… “Love Ion” – totally my next band’s name.

No No… Make that “Love Ion Orbit Cannon” :smile:


What was that?


Like pocket tees, but despise thin ones. they soak with sweat much easier. No, I don’t work at a desk all day, and it’s been in the 90’s and humid. I like sport sandals, but the soles can get amazingly gross with build up of stinky god knows what if you don’t actually wear them in the water frequently. I have to hose them in the backyard.


Well, this is the most riveting boingboring post I’ve seen in a while.


I love ion southern California too, and have been trying to form a covalent bond with it, but, alas, I fear it does not love ion me back.


Thanks for mentioning this angle. One pitch:

A second pitch would be for buying secondhand, which is what I do when I can’t afford to buy a 108% karma-positive t-shirt.

Levi Strauss & Co. is not exactly an ideal employer. A simple search for their company name and the word “sweatshop” leads you to Cambodia, Turkey, a PBS Independent Lens program in Saipan, a Global Exchange page re maquiladoras in Mexico, and an Alternet piece about Levi’s made in uh yeah… China.

There’s a big difference between organic/local/vegan and paying some Chinese kids a fair wage for sitting at a fucking sewing machine for 18 hours a day.


I have really enjoyed American Giant products since they were mentioned here at Boing Boing.

I am 6’ and do not like the fit of cheap tshirts, they are always an inch or two too short. They deemed to always come apart too quickly as well.

I have good luck with Eddie Bauer too, even though their record is not any better than Fruit of the loom, their shirts are at least well made and will require me to buy fewer of them over the long run.

I love FotL t-shirts. They are super durable. Bought a pair sixteen years ago and they are still doing fine and feeling fine.

By the way, I wear T-shirts every single day.