Fruit of the Loom Men's 4-pack of pocket T-shirts

I recently picked up some “tactical” t-shirts with sleeve pockets which have velcro closures as well as
outer velcro backing for patches. Had that “where have you been all my life” feeling about em.

Cost aside, you are just now discovering these?

I am so far merely modding my favorite regular flannel shirts. Nothing I’d want is on the market in an exact form. Sometimes close-enough can be encountered and then manually adjusted. And a sewing machine is just another tool in the portfolio.

But the size of the shirt pockets seems to be shrinking with time; newer shirts seem to have them quite smaller. And my tailor-fu is not good enough for pockets yet.

There is some interesting customized-clothing startup brewing here. Indirectly I am lobbying for making availability of a variety of pockets as one of the design priorities.

These are the ones I got recently. I also have a green nylon Uniqlo windbreaker with velcro seal breast and front pockets which I like and otherwise it has enough pockets but what would make it perfect would be velcro backing on the breast pocket tabs. I don’t have the confidence in my own sewing skills to do the seam ripping and other work which would be required to add that velcro backing “right”.

Part of why I like military surplus and stuff that looks like military surplus (or just Walter Mitty Mall Ninja style) is the designers of such stuff understand the primal male need for functional pockets.

That said I also despise these pockets which are now too small to even hold a pack of smokes.

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That’s what decommissioned clothing is for. Practice repairs, practice mods, trying out ideas before converting to rags for the workshop. :smiley:

From what I’ve heard, nylon isn’t easy for beginners to work with so for this one, I’ll probably take the jacket to a professional. The seamstress (tailoress?) at my cleaners can do it right and quick and won’t screw it up.

Truth be told I don’t have enough customization ideas that would justify buying a non crap sewing machine to begin with.

Fruit of the Loom is merely okay for me. The t-shirts don’t taper in the arm like some printed-tee brands do, like Hurley or Ezekiel. Makes my already skinny upper arms look like tent poles underneath a circus tent.

I’m taller than you and usually the L/XL is like wearing a too-short sail, and the S/M results in me being shirt-wrapped with nonexistent sleeves.

But the patches…they need to work on the patches in their photos:

“I :heart: :zap: Southern California”

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Laylax is in this case the manufacturer’s name. Not exactly the sort of morale patch I tend to sport but anyway…

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I’ve had the opposite experience. The fabric’s too thin, and it began to pill after only a few wear/wash cycles. I prefer Russell or Champion.

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Tried the Duluth Trading Company Longtail t-shirt?


Except they’re about $25 a pop. That’s more expensive than the already over-priced Under Armour.

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I find scrubbing the soles of sport sandals with hand sanitizer every few weeks works great. You can follow with a bit of water as well.

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eh it depends on the shoe. I grew up regularly wearing (and most of my family habitually wears) boat shoes. And socks are strictly verboten with those. Baring incredibly limited circumstances. They won’t break in or fit properly if you wear socks, and more importantly they’re intended to get wet regularly. So socks would be a chafey, trench footy risk factor. On the down side they take for god damned ever to break in and are the least comfortable shoe in the world until they do. Once you finally get them broken in that shit is fucking magical. Most canvas/fabric shoes, some casual sneakers and loafers are fine without socks. So I’d say it comes down to formality, seasonality and practicality.

Consider this is a daily outerwear.

My clothes last a long time and I dont have to spend much money on fashion, dress shirts, or suits. Im guessing my daily cost per outfit is extremely low compared to the others around me.

Of course I cannot afford $200 worth of just tshirts in one transaction, but buying a few here and there when a special pops up is very reasonable.

Wear tabi.

Best T-Shirts I’ve found on the market- make well, reasonable (not too expensive, not too cheap…), and great fit.

He said, via an electronic device he can vouch for all the components of.

Boy, other people sure should feel guilty, huh?


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The perfect is the enemy of the good. Clothing is an example of items where there are more humane options available for a less-than-ridiculous cost difference. Computers, not so much, but thanks for the lecture on how the fact that I’m posting from a device that may or may not have labor issues completely nullifies my point about t-shirts that are readily available from vendors who treat their employees like human beings…

Please direct me to a humanely-produced general-purpose computer (including the components that make up the whole), and I’ll gladly give it a look.