Fruit leather purses are a thing now

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Can you take it through Customs?


If it’s processed enough to not carry pathogens, you can misdeclare it with clear conscience.

I’d worry more about mechanical properties of the material. Materials with ideological/art motivation in their pedigree require some scrutiny of their actual usability. (Like all the others, just a bit more.)


Gonna go ahead and say “not really a thing” but more of an art-design stunt with no practical value (or intent). I seriously doubt that they made more than a few of these bags, or that they will make many of them, or that people will buy them or use them. A project which was from the beginning designed to be blogged about and probably not much else.

But if I’m wrong and these bags don’t rot or tear easily, and become a real thing, well, my hat’s off to them and I’ll be trading it in for a fruit-leather hat as soon as they become available.


If this results in anything close to animal leather for usual leather uses and it’s not so heavily processed with added synthetics you might as well leave the fruit part out, then this is pretty cool in my (leather bound) book. If.

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What’s wrong with the synthetics? A polymer chain is a polymer chain, whether it is made in vivo or in vitro. The latter is just a bit more controllable.

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I meant it in the “so full of petroleum products it’s actually pretty much regular plastic / the fruit doesn’t add anything useful to the material except marketing value” way. Savvy? I dropped out of product design in the third year, so pardon my lingo ignorance.

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And plastics are bad exactly… why?

Actually, there are quite some plant-based fillers for the polymers. Sometimes you get useful and cheap fibers that way that yield a decent-for-the-price polymer-matrix composite.

Plastics are awesome. I just like some honesty in labelling in case the revolutionary new planet-saving thing is actually the regular old thing in a thin disguise made of hype and dreams. No idea if that’s the case here, just saying.


There seem to be a number of sites online offering recipes for fruit leather, but that seems to be another name for edible dried fruit roll-ups. I don’t see any indications on their site of how the material behaves when it gets damp, and I find it quite difficult to believe that the bags would be strong enough to carry actual weights multiple times without breaking or stretching. There’s no information about that that I can find, just statements about how this is a solution to the problem of food waste*. The process is also very rudimentary, unless they’re making it out to be more homespun than it actually is (family-sized food processor with about 1.5 l capacity, normal stove to boil the ingredients, applying everything onto a canvas by hand, no indication that other synthetics are added).

*OK, here’s something from the Mashable article:

De Boon said the exact manufacturing process is “our group secret,” but he offered the basics: After collecting food waste from the market stands, the team makes sure all seeds are taken out of the fruit before they cut it up and mash it. Then they remove all bacteria from the fruit by boiling it, to ensure that it won’t rot. The next step is spreading the paste onto a “specific surface,” which de Boon said is “crucial in the drying process.” Once it’s dried, the raw Fruitleather material is produced.

I’m going to have to go with “art project based on Instructables recipe for candy”, and I think they would have saved themselves a lot of time if someone had pointed out that calling it ‘leather’ is more of a metaphor than anything else.


I’d go so far as to say that this is, perhaps, intended to be a joke, a pun playing on the English term “fruit leather.”

Nope. The term “fruit leather” normally refers to edible dried fruit paste, which gives you a sense of how not-leather-like it actually is. Besides the use of the word “leather” in this case, there’s no connection to anything even remotely resembling leather. It’s possible to make biodegradable plastics out of plant matter such as fruit (which would also be very much unlike leather), but that isn’t what’s being claimed here, so…

Well, the consumers of inferior but “planet-saving” materials deserve all they can get for their lack of familiarity with material engineering.

“My customers are stupid, so it’s all right” wouldn’t convince me as a defense for false advertisement. But that’s me.

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You know what, that’s a fun recipe idea and so good looking! Now I want to try that spiraled sheet of persimmon and sugar even if it probably tastes like congealed jelly, so probably not that good.

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I’d consider it a fair payback for people eager to spend their social time talking about gossips or soccer instead of about at least a little of material engineering. If they are So Not Interested, if the topic is So Boring, no sympathy for them when it bites them, not my fault.

So, in your world, the set of people who don’t know about material engineering and the set of people who are worthless assholes who deserve to be swindled are identical.

Odd question.

All the obvious reasons, just ask the landfills and oceans.

Oh GOOGLE you have failed me…
My search for Fruit Leather bondage gear came up without results.
I guess no one is into S&M (Snacks and Munchies).

The closest I could find was fruit leather edible underwear, but they got bad reviews for flavor, and I cannot imagine they work well as underwear either.

If an “edible” fruit leather underwear product has those kinds of ingredients I’d guess that a purse is made out of pretty horrible stuff to not melt at the first signs of humidity and mold into a toxic mess. Either that or it is a non practical art project.

That assumptions aside, creating a non-toxic recyclable/renewable material from food waste would be pretty amazing. If their product isn’t viable this should be setup as a challenge with an actual reward to the team or individual that creates the best solution.


Darn, I was thinking that I could get some fruit leather edible assless chaps…


A fair payback for excluding me from the social life, I’d say.
Screw them. After the decades I had enough.

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