Help! Fashion advice!


Regulars, I need you too! @monkeyoh, @snowlark, @Melizmatic, @slybevel, @tropo, @Mindysan33

I am meeting a lady friend (okay okay, from okay Cupid, don’t judge), and which blouse-----i mean shirt would be suitable for semi casual wine and tapas?

I will also be wearing jeans and black beetle boots.


The working poll is near the bottom.


Using links as polls gets a bit weird as it seems to confuse voting and clicking.


I’ve been trying to upload for like half an hour


What kind of wine is semi-casual?


The foil has already been peeled back from the cork and folded into a kind of collar around the neck.


Let’s try this again


One with the squares on it.

But for wine and tapas, if I went out I’d be wearing something classically casual yet understated such as:

because it won’t show the stains.


Jeans and boots? Clearly you don’t need or want any advice. :horse: :slight_smile: Have fun! Remember to listen.


Number 3. I couldn’t vote. I feel so disenfranchised. :cry:

I met my current and previous girlfriends on OKC. Have fun with it and stop when it stops being fun.

ETA: The second poll seems to work a lot better.


I think you’re going to have to get rid of the second shirt.


Beatle Boots!


I changed my vote. I felt sorry for the shirt. :frowning:


I like the second, but I think for a first meet and greet I’m leaning towards #1. But I’m looking for more opinions :smiley:


As an aside, that shirt poll crashed iOS Safari about 3 times.


My sartorial advice is less than helpful, but good luck on the date.


We should find out what shirt causes that. It would be awkward if this happened over the patatas bravas.


What shade are the jeans? (I’m assuming the color is blue.) I’m currently leaning towards the patterned (squares) shirt as well.

ETA: Scratch the question about shade. Full in on shirt 3.


I like the one with the squares because I keep seeing things in the one that looks like teevee static.

Have fun! And don’t drink too much! :wink:


Did you shave your goat?


Perhaps he waxed his van?