Despacito performed by a rubber chicken


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On behalf of me and my two kids. Thank You @beschizza !


Far better than the original! And more authentic emotions! :stuck_out_tongue:


This is only made better by the fact that I’ve not heard the original.


This is what the internet is FOR. I’m saving this for a rainy day when my world needs brightening!. OK, so every day.


I have listened to this 3 times now, consecutively, before commenting here to express my gratitude.


I concur, this is what the internet was created for. However, I suspect some auto-tuning was used here.


Oh. I was expecting this guy:


What is the round thing in the frame hanging on the wall on the right?. Has Mister Chicken gone platinum? Yay!


I’m thinking they did a digital sample of one chicken squeeze, then played the whole thing on a keyboard, while the chicken was “beak-syncing”.
Hope I didn’t ruin the magic for anyone! lol


The chicken squeaks on both out-breaths (squeeze) and in-breaths (release). The timbre is distinctly different between the outs and the ins. Additionally, if you listen to the bridge around :46 the squeaking is outside of the comfortable range of the toy and the tone is yet more distorted. So if they did use a sampler, there was serious attention to detail: it would need to be performed on two different keyboards using a set of samples for different pitch ranges.


I like the chorus.

And let’s not forget their service to our country.


I wonder if Mr. Chicken knows the Trololo song?


Do you think it’s funny… when I mention the name of my fwiend…


Your widdle fwiend?



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