Desperate fugitive commandeers and crashes multiple cars in police chase


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Really, kinda boring.


Yea but come on, that wasn’t really kidnapping. Those people were just in the wrong cars.


Damn, he was determined to rack up those charges.

I wonder if the cops stole those people’s cars under civil forfeiture.


I think the kidnapping was why they were chasing him before the car jacking thing.


I skimmsied. Synopsis:

23:10 car switch
48:25 hop out and back in
49:25 car switch
50:53 collision, goes on foot
51:49 apprehended

So I think he drove a total of 3 cars.

Can’t figure out why, ~ the 5:00 mark, the multiple police cars turn the wrong way… strategic, or lack of info?

Also curious what the charge was that he was trying to evade. I assume it was serious, but some people love the thrill of a challenge.

And given that he spent a bit of time toward the end driving the wrong way on a road, I can’t help thinking he didn’t realize there was a helicopter in the mix.


Is there an edited version, with just the crashes, car-jackings, and foot chases?


I see that @SomeDude has given us the Cliff’s Notes version.



Gosh. It’s not all about Trump.


(crosses fingers)


Season 1 Jesse Pinkman


Me in Watch Dogs 2.


Christ, what an asshole


Looks like another Tuesday in San Andreas


24:50 the popo throw out spike strips and get the wrong car.


I can’t believe people leave their doors unlocked in Denver.


51:29 while on foot, he very satisfyingly falls on his ass




This guy thinks he’s playing Grand Theft Auto. What an idiot.


Desperate fugitive commandeers and crashes multiple cars in police chase

“Desperate” or “Motivated”?


Wait, I thought it was safer to drive with your doors unlocked, in case you are in an accident and someone has to pull you from the vehicle. Maybe that’s just because I don’t live in Denver.


a total inconvenance