Despicable California sheriff says it's "better financially" to kill suspects rather than "cripple" them

Are you going to remind her how that expression ends?


That’s the one where the bad cops’ biochemistry begins to change and they emit a gas that greatly accelerates moral rot among those exposed, right?


It’s also factually cheaper to run a prison if you don’t spend money on feeding anyone who’s incarcerated in it. That doesn’t make it right.


Frequently, believe me.


Hey! I wonder if we could feed the prisoners… to each other?

But it does make it common.


Let’s see 13 killed at $3M a pop… I would think that 39 million dollars could be better used to staff a decent, professional police force. But maybe that’s just me.


Maybe a few 5 gallons buckets of potassium permanganate in each station would help.

It’s an article of faith among many people who own guns to protect their homes - and advice given by some law enforcement officers, to kill intruders outright rather than simply wound them, for a number of reasons. They may not all be good reasons and that may not be the best advice.

I have only ever been in one situation like that, and the intruder was armed and I wasn’t, and I was rendered basically immobile by being in a sleeping bag on the floor with him towering over me going through my stuff, so I feigned sleep until he left. He was apprehended the next day based on my testimony and no one got hurt.


When someone tells you they’re a sociopath, believe them.


it sure is nice to know where peoples bottom line really is. Thanks for saying out loud.

Two thoughts:

  1. Kern county. Color me surprised. /s

  2. I’m pretty sure he’s an outlier only in that he openly admitted it.


We have laws about crossing the street but nothing that deals with police who intentionally shoot to kill the innocent.

edit to add: outside apprehending escaped convicts, the police have never shot a guilty person.

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I can’t fault that statement because it is true. But the context shows that he is despicable.

Of course the better question is ‘which is more expensive not shooting someone who might not deserve it, or shooting someone who might not deserve it?’

When your rules are broken you’d better bet sociopaths notice the opportunity.


Why disgraceful people like this are even allowed to run for sheriff – or any position – is beyond me.

Because disgraceful people elect other disgraceful people?

I don’t think you’d want to live in a Jim Crow sort of culture where only the “right” people were allowed to run for office, instead of letting the people sort it out in the voting booths, and



Never mind!

Chicago School of Economics mindset?

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