Disgraced ex-sheriff of LA admits he lied to FBI, will face no more than 6 months in prison


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“Late Stage Capitalism” just doesn’t have quite the same ring/sting as

#Christ, what an asshole


He might have made a deal that included testimony against more dangerous offenders. Here’s hoping.


More dangerous than the top of the food chain?

Makes me wonder what else he knows, that he was able to broker that deal.


Me too.


The LA Times article states “prosecutors have agreed not to seek a prison sentence of more than six months” – I hope that the judge is allowed to and does choose to impose a stiffer sentence than that.


If mandatory minimums weren’t so poorly used I’d almost be hoping for mandatory minimums to apply, here.


Since sheriffs are the highest form of law enforcer, shouldn’t the FBI be being arrested instead?


Lee Baca is the runner up for douchebag of the year award.


Will the convicted felon get to keep his ill-gotten $300k pension?


How do you protect your inmate from a bad deputy - bring 12 other bad deputies along to watch him!


“He definitely feels bad. He feels bad about a lot of things.”
Yeah, he feels bad about getting caught and that he can’t get out of it.


I was just listening to something on my local NPR that the judge was one to punish those who broke the oaths they swore when taking there positions on the force, but also stated that 6 months was harsh.


I am shocked, SHOCKED to learn that the sheriff who refused to issue concealed carry permits to anyone other than celebrities and wealthy people who made sizable donations to his reelection fund was in any way corrupt.


The system protects its own.

When a show trial becomes unavoidable, the results will be half hearted at best.


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