Jail starves mentally ill man to death, Sheriff is "sorry"


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Awww, he’s “sorry” but I’d really rather see him “in prison”. I’m guessing the quotes are attribution quotes rather than scare quotes, but it just comes across as disingenuous.

This is such obvious ass-covering bullshit.


Something more is going on. In a temperate climate you don’t die of thirst in two days.


He must have already been dehydrated before they shut off the water.


Depends on many things, condition going into the cell, medication/lack thereof, air flow/conditioning/temperature, activity in the cell.

According to the article he was already in extreme physical duress after 18 days of neglect and abuse, uncertainty and no medication.


If I lock someone up and then they die due to neglect, will I get charged with murder or do I get a 30 day vacation?


NO PAY! For thirty days! Can you imagine?

Why do we have prisons at all when this fabulous deterrent & rehabilitation exists?


Depends, do you have a badge?


First thing I thought of as well.


Both the LP and the single


For two days.


They didn’t forget to fill in the log that said they did the check…


I hope that the family can at least sue in civil court so that they can get a chunk of their pay for a long time.


“Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our inmates.” No it isn’t.


His death was an unintended, but entirely predictable consequence of his jailers taking revenge upon him for behaving like he was mentally ill.

Fucking murderers, the lot of them, but it appears the usual cop immunity from criminal consequence is already in place.

I hope the family receives a settlement that will have the county’s budget deep in the red for years to come. I hope every taxpayer feels the pain enough to punish the fiends who did it by voting out of office everyone who had any authority over any of the perpetrators.


If anyone of us regular citizens did this, we would be charged with obstruction of justice, falsifying official records, and if we were really, really lucky, manslaughter instead of 2nd or 3rd degree murder, if not conspiracy to commit murder.


Where were the good cops, the ones who stand up for rule of law, or at least rule of the rules?


Every time a particularly lurid murder occurs, the press is all over the perps’ mental health status. And that stigma manages to stick to every reader of that article who’s ever sought help. Now in this headline, it still seems important to note that it was a mentally ill inmate who was killed of thirst, and not a “normal” inmate. Does his mental health status mitigate the jailers neglect at all? Why put it in the headline, and not in the second paragraph where it belongs?


Excellent point. Stigmatizing mental illness is one of the truly shameful things about the U.S.


He means the ones RUNNING the asylum.