Mentally ill man arrested over $5 worth of snacks dies in jail after waiting months for mental health care


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I would add to that: cruel and unusual punishment, prejudice, and wanton disregard for life resulting in manslaughter.


A simpler thing to call it is “criminal.”

This and others like it need all the attention they’d get from the Justice System if the victim were a middle-aged white dude at home.


it happened in America, 2015–not some third world shithole

Tragically, that’s a decreasingly meaningful distinction.

“It was once said that the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped.” ~ Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey [most likely refering to previous quotes by Ghandi and Lord Acton before him (the absolute power corrupts absolutely guy)]

“How society treats its most vulnerable members is a reliable preview of how it will eventually treat all but an ever shrinking sphere of its least vulnerable.” Surely said by someone somewhere because it’s bloody obvious.


Aside from the matter of mental illness, it seems like we have a glaring failure to keep the other half of the definition of ‘custody’ in mind.

It should be absolutely automatic that if somebody is in your custody; you’d better have a damn good reason for anything that happens to them. That’s inherent to the job. This case suggests that somebody should take a hard look at the records to see if ‘mishandling’ isn’t an isolated occurrence at this fine facility.


And “Custody” is really just a fancy word for, “This person messed up and we’re taking care of them until things clear or we pass them on”, so departments of the nation, please take notes on basic humaning. You’ve collectively lost your way.


There’s a good reason they call it the criminal justice system…

(many of its actions would rightfully be considered criminal)


I wonder if any of those guards would call themselves Christian…

‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’


This is unacceptable. There is no way they couldn’t have know things weren’t right from the description. We need to completely rethink and overhaul the criminal justice system.


Like the crusades or the inquisition? Or is this using the True Scotsman definition of Christianity as determined by it’s fruits(so handy that definition).

But to the point of the article, incarcerated custody follows most of the rules of in loco parentis, yet if any parent permitted much less forced a child to live in this way they would be charged with child abuse and taken into custody themselves. This says nothing about the rape, violence, and gang unofficial but accepted prisoner management techniques used in almost all US prisons.


it happened in America, 2015–not some third world shithole

One of these things is much like the other.


Yeah as the first person said, this to me seems like willful neglect resulting in manslaughter. In short, they purposefully ignored him and because of that this young man is dead. They might’ve as well sentenced him to die over a snickers bar. It’s not criminal, it’s monstrous.


Why don’t we call this what it is? Murder. If you did this to someone you would be brought up on murder charges.


I’m saying that Christ very explicitly instructed them on this sort of thing.

Anybody who treats the poor and mentally ill this way cannot wear the mantle of “Christian” in any meaningful way.


This story on the ACLU webpage was commented on by a troll who said “Boo hoo hoo. Tell black people to act decent and they won’t end up behind bars.” Of course I was drawn into the trap of responding to an idiot but this whole story is part of bigger problem - …Prisons are run by the Mexican Mafia, are strictly racially segregated and people can come out of prison having had a bad race-based experience, probably suffering PTSD, obsessed by their trama they have a hard time forgiving the group that just happen to look like like the rival gang or their abusers. The state can’t figure out how to house so many prisoners in a way that does not allow bullies to dominate. These prisons are cities. Stick in the mentally ill and all hell breaks loose. Government or private corrections guards don’t know how to deal with or distinguish someone suffering from severe delusions from others that are likely to be homicidal psychopaths. The
problem is created by the conspiracy to privatize the prison system by cutting budgets and basically starving the bureaucratic working of the machine so this guys court order simply does not get acted upon because no ones at the desk anymore. The for-profit prison is proposed to be the solution because “government can’t do anything efficiently”. They are doing the same thing to the schools, the military, and the post office, the police, the first responders remember Katrina and Blackwater). Their lobbying for stricter laws for stupider petty crimes with stiffer sentences does not help. We need to drop the money for separate institutions that deal with the severely mentally ill, including alzheimer and dementia that are somewhat harmless and institutions that deal with the criminally insane and fellons. Now they are all in the same institution - prison. Unless they have a good support system and drugs work for them, out in the cruel world those otherwise harmless will eventually run afoul of the law. Maybe no one was called to task here because the guy that used to do the actual court ordered transfer to a mental hospital is gone and the sheriff, where the buck is supposed to stop, is too busy arresting people for stealing candy bars and smoking pot in order to feed the
machine - to be bothered with some fesses covered crazy guy who just walks around screaming. No Judge is going to fine or jail the sheriff. There’s no time to finish the docket in most courtrooms so things like this go on. The family hopefully gets 10 million dollars to make a point, but that’s money that is not going go to hire a clerk to insure this kind of thing does not happen over and over. So the problem gets worse. Welcome to Romania.


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